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Hamilton says Vettel would be ‘amazing option’ for Mercedes 2024

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, has recently expressed his admiration for Sebastian Vettel, stating that the German driver would be an “amazing option” for Mercedes. Hamilton’s remarks come amid speculation about Mercedes’ future driver lineup, particularly with the retirement of Valtteri Bottas.

Hamilton’s Praise for Vettel

In an interview with reporters, Hamilton highlighted Vettel’s experience and success in Formula 1, describing him as a “four-time world champion and a great driver.” He acknowledged Vettel’s challenging time at Aston Martin, emphasizing the potential for a fresh start at Mercedes.

Vettel’s Performance

Despite facing difficulties at Aston Martin, Vettel has shown glimpses of his talent with notable performances. Hamilton praised Vettel’s ability to deliver under pressure, citing his past achievements and competitiveness on the track.

Mercedes’ Driver Decision

With Valtteri Bottas departing Mercedes to join Alfa Romeo, the team is evaluating its options for Hamilton’s new teammate. Hamilton’s positive comments about Vettel have sparked speculation about a potential partnership between the two champions at Mercedes.

Team Dynamics

Hamilton emphasized the importance of a strong partnership within the team, highlighting the benefits of having a teammate who can push him to perform at his best. He believes Vettel’s experience and skillset would complement Mercedes’ quest for success.

Vettel’s Future

As Vettel continues his journey in Formula 1, the prospect of joining Mercedes represents an exciting opportunity. The German driver, known for his strategic prowess and racecraft, could bring a fresh perspective to the team and contribute to their ongoing development.

Potential Challenges

While the idea of Vettel joining Mercedes is enticing, there are challenges to consider, including adapting to a new team culture and dynamics. However, Hamilton’s endorsement of Vettel suggests a belief in the potential benefits of such a collaboration.


Lewis Hamilton’s praise for Sebastian Vettel as an “amazing option” for Mercedes has ignited speculation and excitement within the Formula 1 community. As Mercedes weighs its options for the 2022 season, the possibility of Vettel partnering with Hamilton offers an intriguing narrative for fans and enthusiasts alike.

Whether or not Vettel will indeed make the move to Mercedes remains to be seen. However, Hamilton’s endorsement highlights the respect and admiration among drivers in the highly competitive world of Formula 1.

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