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Sara Ali Khan Says Mom Amrita Singh Did Everything Single-Handedly

In a recent interview, Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan opened up about her admiration and appreciation for her mother, veteran actress Amrita Singh. Sara spoke candidly about her mother’s influence on her life and career, highlighting her strength, dedication, and resilience.

Sara’s Words of Admiration

During the interview, Sara Ali Khan expressed heartfelt sentiments towards her mother, emphasizing the pivotal role Amrita Singh has played in her life. Sara lauded her mother’s ability to handle challenges and responsibilities with grace and determination.

Single-Handed Efforts

Sara Ali Khan praised Amrita Singh for managing everything “single-handedly” as a mother. She acknowledged her mother’s efforts in raising her and her brother, Ibrahim Ali Khan, with love and dedication. Sara highlighted how Amrita Singh balanced her career in the film industry while prioritizing her children’s well-being.

Juggling Act

The Bollywood actress described her mother as someone who juggled multiple roles effortlessly. From managing the household to ensuring her children received the best upbringing, Amrita Singh’s dedication left a lasting impression on Sara.

Career Guidance

Sara Ali Khan also credited her mother for guiding her through the complexities of the film industry. She spoke about seeking Amrita Singh’s advice and insights, especially when it comes to making career decisions. Sara emphasized the importance of her mother’s experience and wisdom in shaping her journey in Bollywood.

A Bond Beyond Mother-Daughter

The interview shed light on the strong bond shared between Sara Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. Sara’s admiration and respect for her mother were evident as she spoke about their relationship. Beyond the roles of mother and daughter, Sara sees Amrita Singh as a friend and mentor, turning to her for guidance and support.

Career and Personal Growth

Sara Ali Khan’s reflections on her mother’s influence highlight the impact of parental guidance and support on personal and career growth. Amrita Singh’s role as a mother, mentor, and friend has played a significant part in shaping Sara’s values and approach to life.



Sara Ali Khan’s tribute to her mother, Amrita Singh, serves as a reminder of the profound influence parents have on their children’s lives. Through her words, Sara acknowledges the sacrifices, dedication, and love that Amrita Singh has poured into raising her and Ibrahim Ali Khan.

The interview reflects not only Sara’s admiration for her mother but also the deep bond and respect they share. As Sara continues her journey in Bollywood, she carries with her the values instilled by Amrita Singh, recognizing the importance of family, hard work, and perseverance.

Amidst the glitz and glamour of the film industry, Sara Ali Khan’s tribute to her mother is a heartwarming reminder of the strength and love found within family bonds.

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