Punjab deploys polio teams at 92 transit sites

In a concerted effort to eradicate polio and ensure the health and well-being of its citizens, the Punjab government has deployed polio vaccination teams at 92 transit sites across the province. This strategic move aims to reach vulnerable populations, especially children, who are at risk of contracting the poliovirus.

Objective of the Campaign

Prevent Polio Transmission

The primary goal of deploying polio teams at transit sites is to prevent the transmission of the poliovirus. Transit sites, such as bus stops, train stations, and other transportation hubs, often serve as points of contact for individuals traveling from different regions. By vaccinating children at these sites, the government aims to create a protective barrier against the spread of polio.

Target High-Risk Areas

The selection of 92 transit sites was based on careful analysis of areas with a higher risk of polio transmission. These locations were identified as having a higher concentration of mobile populations, including travelers from polio-endemic regions.

Ensure Comprehensive Coverage

By strategically placing vaccination teams at transit sites, the campaign aims to ensure comprehensive coverage of children who may otherwise have limited access to healthcare services. This proactive approach is crucial in the fight against polio and the protection of vulnerable populations.

Role of Polio Teams

Vaccination Drive

The dedicated polio teams stationed at transit sites are responsible for administering polio vaccines to children under the age of five. These vaccines are crucial in building immunity against the poliovirus and preventing the occurrence of polio-related disabilities.

Education and Awareness

In addition to vaccination, the teams also play a vital role in educating parents and caregivers about the importance of polio vaccination. They provide information on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, dispel myths and misconceptions, and encourage community participation in the campaign.

Monitoring and Reporting

The teams diligently monitor the vaccination coverage at each transit site, ensuring that no child is missed. They maintain accurate records of doses administered and report their progress to health authorities, enabling timely interventions and adjustments as needed.

Community Engagement

Collaboration with Local Authorities

The success of the polio vaccination campaign relies on strong collaboration with local authorities and community leaders. The Punjab government has actively engaged with community stakeholders to garner support for the initiative and ensure smooth implementation.

Community Mobilization

Community mobilization efforts are underway to raise awareness about the importance of polio vaccination. Through community meetings, door-to-door visits, and social media campaigns, the government is rallying support from parents and caregivers to bring their children for vaccination at the designated transit sites.


The deployment of polio vaccination teams at 92 transit sites in Punjab represents a proactive and strategic approach in the battle against polio. By targeting high-risk areas and ensuring comprehensive coverage, the government is taking significant steps towards achieving a polio-free future for its citizens. Through community engagement and diligent efforts of the vaccination teams, Punjab is making strides in safeguarding the health and well-being of its youngest population.

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