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Babar Azam left captaincy of all formats at will: Zaka Ashraf

In a surprising turn of events, former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Zaka Ashraf has revealed that Babar Azam made the decision to step down as captain of all formats of the national cricket team entirely of his own accord. The announcement, which came as a shock to fans and cricket enthusiasts alike, marks a significant moment in Azam’s career and the landscape of Pakistani cricket.

Azam’s Captaining Journey

Babar Azam, one of Pakistan’s most talented and promising cricketers, took on the role of captaincy with great ambition and determination. His leadership skills were evident on the field as he guided the team through various challenges and victories. Under his captaincy, Pakistan experienced notable successes, including series wins against formidable opponents.

Ashraf’s Statement

Zaka Ashraf’s revelation regarding Azam’s decision to relinquish captaincy sheds new light on the situation. Ashraf, a well-respected figure in Pakistani cricket administration, stated that Azam expressed his desire to focus solely on his batting and contribute more effectively to the team’s performance.

Azam’s Focus on Batting

Babar Azam, known for his exceptional batting prowess and consistency, aims to devote his full attention to honing his skills as a batsman. By stepping down from the captaincy, Azam seeks to alleviate the added responsibilities that come with leading the team, allowing him to concentrate on delivering outstanding performances with the bat.

A Strategic Move

Ashraf emphasized that Azam’s decision was a strategic move aimed at maximizing his potential as a batsman. The former PCB chairman highlighted Azam’s commitment to the team’s success and his willingness to adapt for the betterment of Pakistani cricket.

Reactions from Fans and Experts

The news of Babar Azam stepping down as captain has sparked a range of reactions from fans and cricket experts. While some express surprise at the timing of the decision, others commend Azam for prioritizing his batting and the team’s success above all else. Many fans are eager to see how Azam’s performance will evolve without the added responsibilities of captaincy.

Future Prospects

As Babar Azam transitions from the role of captaincy to focusing solely on his batting, the cricketing world awaits with anticipation. His decision opens up new opportunities for leadership within the team, with discussions already underway regarding his successor as captain in all formats



In conclusion, Babar Azam’s voluntary decision to step down as captain of all formats of the Pakistani cricket team, as revealed by Zaka Ashraf, marks a significant moment in his career. Azam’s focus on elevating his batting skills and contributing more effectively to the team’s success reflects his dedication to the sport and Pakistani cricket. As fans and experts speculate on the implications of this decision, one thing is certain – Babar Azam’s journey in cricket continues to captivate audiences, and his contributions to the sport remain invaluable.

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