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Chairman PCB Naqvi calls for merit in national selection

The Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Mr. Naqvi, has made a resounding call for the prioritization of merit in the national selection process. In a recent statement, Mr. Naqvi emphasized the importance of selecting players based on their performance, skill, and potential rather than external influences.

Upholding the Spirit of Cricket

Mr. Naqvi’s call for merit-based selection aligns with the core values of cricket, which emphasize fairness, skill, and integrity. By advocating for merit, the PCB aims to ensure that deserving players have the opportunity to represent their country at the highest level.

Fostering Talent

The emphasis on merit-based selection is a step towards fostering a culture of healthy competition and talent development within Pakistani cricket. It encourages players to focus on their performance on the field, knowing that their efforts will be recognized and rewarded.

Transparency and Accountability

Mr. Naqvi’s stance on merit-based selection also promotes transparency and accountability within the selection process. When players are chosen based on their merit, it enhances trust in the system and eliminates doubts about favoritism or bias.

The Importance of Performance

In his statement, Mr. Naqvi highlighted the significance of consistent performance in domestic cricket as the primary criteria for national selection. He emphasized that players who demonstrate exceptional skills and dedication in domestic matches should be given the opportunity to showcase their talent at the international level.

Encouraging Domestic Competitions

To support merit-based selection, the PCB is committed to strengthening domestic competitions and providing a platform for players to shine. Enhancing the quality and competitiveness of domestic cricket will not only produce better players but also ensure a pool of talent for national selection.

Rewarding Excellence

Merit-based selection also means recognizing and rewarding excellence. Players who consistently perform well, whether in batting, bowling, or fielding, should be given the chance to represent Pakistan on the international stage. This approach encourages healthy competition and motivates players to strive for excellence.

Moving Forward with Merit

As Pakistan looks to strengthen its cricketing prowess on the global stage, Chairman PCB Naqvi’s call for merit in national selection sets a positive precedent. It reaffirms the PCB’s commitment to upholding the values of cricket while nurturing a new generation of talented cricketers.

Support from Cricket Community

Mr. Naqvi’s call has garnered support from the cricketing community, with many former players and analysts applauding the move towards merit-based selection. The consensus is that merit should be the primary criterion for national team selection, ensuring that the best talent represents Pakistan.


In conclusion, Chairman PCB Naqvi’s call for merit in national selection reflects a commitment to fairness, transparency, and excellence in Pakistani cricket. By prioritizing performance and skill, the PCB aims to elevate the standard of cricket and create a pathway for deserving players to shine on the international stage.

As cricket enthusiasts, we look forward to seeing this commitment to merit-based selection translate into a stronger and more competitive Pakistani cricket team.

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