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iPhone 13 PTA Tax, Custom Duty in Pakistan March 2024

If you’re considering importing an iPhone 13 into Pakistan, it’s essential to be aware of the PTA tax (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority tax) and customs duty that apply. As of March 2024, here is the breakdown of these charges:

PTA Tax for iPhone 13

PTA Registration Fee

  • The PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) requires all mobile devices, including iPhones, to be registered.
  • The registration fee for an iPhone 13 is approximately PKR 1,300.


  • The Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System (DIRBS) tax is also applicable.
  • The DIRBS tax for an iPhone 13 varies based on the model and specifications.
  • On average, the DIRBS tax for an iPhone 13 ranges from PKR 9,000 to PKR 20,000.

Total PTA Tax Estimate

  • Combining the PTA registration fee and the DIRBS tax, the total PTA tax for an iPhone 13 in Pakistan can amount to approximately PKR 10,300 to PKR 21,300.

Customs Duty for iPhone 13

General Customs Duty (GCD)

  • The General Customs Duty (GCD) for importing smartphones like the iPhone 13 is 20% of the device’s assessed value.

Additional Sales Tax (AST)

  • An Additional Sales Tax (AST) of 3% is also levied on the value of the imported phone.

Additional Customs Duty (ACD)

  • The Additional Customs Duty (ACD) varies depending on the device’s country of origin.
  • For smartphones originating from countries other than those with which Pakistan has a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the ACD is typically 2%.

Regulatory Duty (RD)

  • The Regulatory Duty (RD) for smartphones like the iPhone 13 is 5% of the device’s assessed value.

Withholding Tax (WHT)

  • A Withholding Tax (WHT) of 6% is applicable on the assessed value of the phone.

Total Customs Duty Estimate

  • When combining these charges, the total customs duty for an iPhone 13 in Pakistan can be estimated as follows:
    • General Customs Duty (GCD): 20%
    • Additional Sales Tax (AST): 3%
    • Additional Customs Duty (ACD): 2%
    • Regulatory Duty (RD): 5%
    • Withholding Tax (WHT): 6%
  • The total customs duty can vary based on the assessed value of the iPhone 13.

Final Cost Calculation Example

  • For example, if the assessed value of an iPhone 13 is PKR 150,000, the total customs duty would be:
    • General Customs Duty (GCD): 20% of PKR 150,000 = PKR 30,000
    • Additional Sales Tax (AST): 3% of PKR 150,000 = PKR 4,500
    • Additional Customs Duty (ACD): 2% of PKR 150,000 = PKR 3,000
    • Regulatory Duty (RD): 5% of PKR 150,000 = PKR 7,500
    • Withholding Tax (WHT): 6% of PKR 150,000 = PKR 9,000
  • Total Customs Duty: PKR 30,000 (GCD) + PKR 4,500 (AST) + PKR 3,000 (ACD) + PKR 7,500 (RD) + PKR 9,000 (WHT) = PKR 54,000

Important Notes

  • Please note that these figures are estimates based on the prevailing rates as of March 2024.
  • Actual charges may vary depending on the assessed value of the iPhone 13 and any changes in government policies or tax rates.
  • It’s advisable to verify the current rates and regulations with the relevant authorities or a customs broker before importing an iPhone 13 into Pakistan.

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