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Table-topper Multan routs Quetta for 106 in last league game of PSL

The Pakistan Super League (PSL), a spectacle of cricketing talent and passion, reached its climax with a thrilling encounter between Multan and Quetta in the last league game of the season. Multan, the table-topper with an impressive run throughout the tournament, showcased their dominance as they routed Quetta for a mere 106 runs. The match was not just a display of skill and strategy but also a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the sport that keeps fans glued to their seats.

The Stakes

The match held immense significance for both teams. Multan, sitting comfortably at the top of the table, aimed to maintain their winning momentum and secure their position for the playoffs. On the other hand, Quetta, eager to salvage their season, needed a strong performance to have any chance of advancing. The stage was set at a packed stadium, with fans eagerly anticipating a clash of titans.

Multan’s Dominant Bowling

As the game began, Multan’s bowlers took center stage with a display of disciplined and aggressive bowling. Their opening bowlers, renowned for their pace and accuracy, struck early blows, sending Quetta’s top order back to the pavilion in quick succession. The pressure was relentless, with Quetta struggling to build partnerships against the relentless bowling attack.

Quetta’s Collapse

Quetta, known for their explosive batting lineup, found themselves in a precarious position as wickets tumbled at regular intervals. Multan’s spinners added to the misery, exploiting the pitch’s turn and bounce to restrict Quetta’s scoring opportunities. The scoreboard painted a grim picture for Quetta as they struggled to even reach a respectable total.

Multan’s Fielding Prowess

Multan’s fielding was a sight to behold, with every player diving, sliding, and leaping to stop boundaries and convert half-chances into wickets. The energy on the field was palpable, with the team displaying a level of commitment and agility that left Quetta’s batsmen frustrated and unable to find gaps in the field.

Star Performances

  • Shan Masood: Multan’s captain led from the front with a brilliant display of captaincy and batting prowess. His tactical acumen on the field was matched by his elegant stroke play, guiding Multan to a comfortable victory.
  • Sohail Tanvir: The veteran left-arm pacer showcased his experience with a devastating spell of swing bowling, picking up crucial wickets and setting the tone for Multan’s dominance.
  • Mohammad Rizwan: The wicketkeeper-batsman continued his stellar form with the bat, anchoring Multan’s innings with a composed and calculated knock.

Quetta’s Disappointment

For Quetta, the match was a bitter pill to swallow. The team, once champions of the PSL, found themselves outclassed and outplayed by a rampant Multan side. Their batting collapse highlighted the challenges they faced throughout the season, with inconsistency plaguing their performances.

Multan’s Celebration

As Quetta’s last wicket fell, Multan erupted into celebration. Players embraced each other, fans roared in delight, and fireworks lit up the night sky. The victory not only solidified Multan’s position at the top of the table but also sent a message to their competitors that they were a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming playoffs.

The Road Ahead

For Multan, the win was a perfect way to cap off their stellar league campaign. With momentum on their side, they headed into the playoffs as the team to beat. Their dominant performance against Quetta was a statement of intent, signaling their readiness to go all the way and lift the coveted PSL trophy.


The last league game of the PSL between Multan and Quetta was a microcosm of the tournament itself – filled with drama, intensity, and moments of brilliance. Multan’s comprehensive victory showcased their all-round strength, from bowling to batting to fielding. Quetta, on the other hand, faced disappointment but could take solace in the fact that cricket is a game of ups and downs.

As the fans slowly made their way out of the stadium, the echoes of cheers and chants lingered in the air. The PSL had once again delivered thrilling cricketing action, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the playoffs. For Multan, the journey was far from over, and they looked forward to carrying their winning momentum into the knockout stages.

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